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Early life exposure to a diet with a supramolecular lipid structure close to that of mammalian milk improves early life growth, skeletal development, and later life neurocognitive function in individually and socially housed male C57BL/6J mice

First use of triply labelled water analysis for energy expenditure measurements in mice

Parkinson's disease medication alters small intestinal motility and microbiota composition in healthy rats

Diminished counterregulatory responses to meal-induced hypoglycemia 4 years after RYGB

Distinct effects of short chain fatty acids on host energy balance and fuel homeostasis with focus on route of administration and host species

Effects of macronutrient intake in obesity: A meta-analysis of low-carbohydrate and low-fat diets on markers of the metabolic syndrome

Gut bacteria-derived 5-hydroxyindole is a potent stimulant of intestinal motility via its action on L-type calcium channels

The continued need for animals to advance brain research

Deep brain stimulation in the nucleus accumbens for binge eating disorder: A study in rats

Ileal transposition: A non-restrictive bariatric surgical procedure that reduces body fat and increases ingestion-related energy expenditure

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Hoe komt het dat niet alle mensen evenveel calorieën verbranden tijdens een wandeling?