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Weight loss in adult male Wistar rats by Roux-en-Y gastric bypass is primarily explained by caloric intake reduction and pre-surgery body weight

Acute sub-diaphragmatic anterior vagus nerve stimulation increases peripheral glucose uptake in anaesthetized rats

Age and diet modulate the insulin-sensitizing effects of exercise: a tracer-based oral glucose tolerance test

Beyond ingredients: Supramolecular structure of lipid droplets in infant formula affects metabolic and brain function in mouse models

Early life exposure to a diet with a supramolecular lipid structure close to that of mammalian milk improves early life growth, skeletal development, and later life neurocognitive function in individually and socially housed male C57BL/6J mice

First use of triply labelled water analysis for energy expenditure measurements in mice

Parkinson's disease medication alters small intestinal motility and microbiota composition in healthy rats

Self-initiated dietary changes reduce general somatic and mental symptoms in a relatively healthy Dutch population

Western-style diet does not negatively affect the healthy aging benefits of lifelong restrictive feeding

Diminished counterregulatory responses to meal-induced hypoglycemia 4 years after RYGB

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Hoe komt het dat niet alle mensen evenveel calorieën verbranden tijdens een wandeling?