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How to find us drs. G.W.M. (Gerni) Luttikhuis

drs. G.W.M. Luttikhuis

docent, trainer, coach
drs. G.W.M. Luttikhuis

For the EMBA (2021), students have to choose a coach.

Coach Profile Gerni Luttikhuis

Email address:                g.w.m.luttikhuis

Telephone number:       0031 (0)6 49 38 70 50


Creating space for professional and personal development? Do you want to reflect on your talents, career and the questions you encounter during your study, work and life? Gerni Luttikhuis sets managers, executives, professionals and teams in motion and works on change that is noticeable in thought and action. Her style is inquisitive, connecting and progress-oriented.

Her background in behavioural sciences and work and organisational health, and additional training in coaching, group dynamics and solution-focused approaches form the basis of over 25 years' experience as a coach, trainer and management consultant.

Since 2011 Gerni is a coach/lecturer/trainer at the RuG (Business Administration, Business School) and self-employed as an individual, team and organisation coach. She was co-director of a consultancy firm and set up a foundation for social return on investment to strengthen the local society. Clients of her own firm include Attero, BD, DSM, FrieslandCampina, Gasunie, Menzis and University Medical Centre Groningen.

Background and experience

Gerni Luttikhuis has a background in behavioural sciences (RuG) and holds a master's degree in Work & Organisational Health (Sioo). She started her career at Gasunie (set up a strategy for career paths), then worked at Hanzehogeschool Groningen (quality assurance ) before moving on to consulting, training and coaching at UMCG, RuG and two consultancy firms. She is currently working as a coach in various positions. Gerni is entrepreneurial and appreciates investing in her own development. She lives with her family in the north of the Netherlands and spends her free time enjoying nature, travelling, culture, (not too fanatical) sports and music.

What is the speciality of Gerni?

Gerni coaches in an appreciative and solution-oriented way. She focuses on existing qualities as a source to face challenges and to develop towards the desired goals. If necessary, she uses questionnaires to make an inventory of personal styles. She has an eye on cultural diversity. 

Gerni can be contacted for issues such as: sparring and reflection, increase your impact, personal effectiveness and development, competence development, work life balance, communication, conflict management, leadership development, career development, dealing with resistance, teamwork and group dynamics, stress and time management, self-confidence, assertiveness, resilience.

People often long to break through behavioural patterns that make them almost automatically keep doing things that they know are not good for them (or will not stay healthy) for themselves and for the world around them. Gerni helps the person and the business to ‘unclog’ and provide insight so that steps forward can be taken from a more comfortable position. This way managers, executives, professionals and teams experience more space to use their talents, to experiment, to inspire each other and to be meaningful.

Educational degrees of the coach

Master’s degree:

1999 - 2002       Work & Organisational Health (MWO) - Sioo

1983 - 1990       Special Education (drs.) – RuG


2019                    Group dynamics, training teams - Lex Mulder and René Meijer,                                     Het Balkon

2019                    Nonviolent (connecting) Communication - Christian Zandt, Ai-                                       opener

2017                    Intercultural Competence - Janet Bennett, Intercultural                                                   Communication Institute Portland USA

2015 - 2019       Deep Democracy levels 1 to 3, Jam Cultures - Jitske Kramer, 

                            Human  Dimensions

2015                    Mindfulness MBSRT - Annetje Brunner, Werkschuur

2013 and 2018  Provocative coaching - Adelka Vendl and Jeroen Stek

2012 and 2014  Voice Dialogue - Coachkwadraat/Maanoog and Hanneke Elich

2010                    Process management - KKNF/Gosse Korte, Daska

2008 - 2010       Intense course Coaching on Learning Processes, supervision -                                      Marjo Korrel, Deïnthe

2006 - 2017       Diverse courses, master classes and collegial consultation group                                  sessions on Solution-focused coaching, changing, consulting -                                      Coert Visser & Gwenda Schlundt Bodien (NOAM), Ben Furman and                              Louis Cauffman.

Gerni has coached at the follow levels in organizations

  • Operational
  • Professional secondary vocational education
  • Professional university/college
  • Lower management
  • Middle management
  • Higher management (executives).

What do clients say about Gerni?

  • "Pleasant and involved”
  • "I felt challenged and at ease to try things out"
  • "Insightful walks"
  • "Understand myself better, understand the effect of my behaviour better. Can now adjust sooner”
  • "I trust more in what I can do and where I want to go”.

Her four most appreciated qualities based on client evaluations

  • Empathy
  • Personal
  • Enables you to reflect about yourself
  • Challenging.
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Contact information

Nettelbosje 2
9747 AE Groningen
The Netherlands

Kamer 2.58, tel. 06 49 38 70 50