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Practical matters How to find us prof. dr. G. (Geert) van den Bogaart


A sensitive and less cytotoxic assay for identification of proliferating T cells based on bioorthogonally-functionalized uridine analogue

Assembling anisotropic colloids using curvature-mediated lipid sorting

Catestatin induces glycogenesis by stimulating the phosphoinositide 3-kinase-AKT pathway

Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging of pH along the Secretory Pathway

Focal exocytosis of Syntaxin 3 and TRPML1 at pseudopodia of nascent phagosomes

Gut microbial DNA and immune checkpoint gene Vsig4/CRIg are key antagonistic players in healthy aging and age-associated development of hypertension and diabetes

Hypoxia and TLR9 activation drive CXCL4 production in systemic sclerosis plasmacytoid dendritic cells via mtROS and HIF-2α

Iron regulates contrasting toxicity of uropathogenic Eschericia coli in macrophages and epithelial cells

Irregular particle morphology and membrane rupture facilitate ion gradients in the lumen of phagosomes

Mitochondrial interaction of fibrosis-protective 5-methoxy tryptophan enhances collagen uptake by macrophages

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NWO Demonstrator-financiering voor Van den Bogaart en Bianchi

NWO Demonstrator funding for Van den Bogaart and Bianchi

Demonstrator and Venture Challenge awards

Toekenningen Demonstrator en Venture Challenge

HTRIC Research Award winners

Winners of the HTRIC 2022 Call for Research Proposals

Pre-klinische testen van nieuwe Covid-19 vaccins

Preclinical tests on novel Covid-19 vaccines

9 miljoen euro voor fundamenteel onderzoek door interdisciplinaire onderzoeksteams in het medisch domein

ERC-beurzen helpen twee RUG-wetenschappers naar de top

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