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Research interests

I investigate the emerging nature of artistic experiences including bodily sensations and subjective feelings in relation to artworks. My main research interests focus on visual arts, empirical aesthetics, and the analysis of art-elicited emotions as a multi-dimensional process.


The role of emotions in sense-making with art: an interdisciplinary study

A Multiple Case Study for Measuring the Experience of Virtual Reality and Physical Art Installations in the Museum

A multiple case study for measuring the experience of Virtual Reality and physical art installations in the museum

Applying Bodily Sensation Maps To Art-Elicited Emotions: An Explorative Study

Exploring the experiential dimensions of Virtual Reality and physical art installations in the museum: A multiple case study

Measuring Experiences of Art in the Museum: Exploring Methodology for Getting It Right

Applying bodily sensation maps to art-elicited emotions: An explorative study

The first application of bodily sensation maps in new media visual art encounters

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Expeditie NEXT

Ralf Cox investigates how people experience art

Experiencing Art Installations: Does it matter whether it’s physical or virtual?

Your body reveals how you feel about that work of art

Artistic Evaluation In A Digital World

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