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Boosting the Thermoelectric Properties of PEDOT: PSS via Low-Impact Deposition of Tin Oxide Nanoparticles

Crystallization driven boost in fill factor and stability in additive-free organic solar cells

Field-Effect Transistors Based on Formamidinium Tin Triiodide Perovskite

Influence of the stoichiometry of tin-based 2D/3D perovskite active layers on solar cell performance

Molecular Doping Directed by a Neutral Radical

Proton conducting ABA triblock copolymers with sulfonated poly(phenylene sulfide sulfone) midblock obtained via copper-free thiol-click chemistry dagger

Reversibly photo-modulating mechanical stiffness and toughness of bioengineered protein fibers

Revisiting the Mechanism of the Meso-to-α Transition of Isotactic Polypropylene and Ethylene-Propylene Random Copolymers

Self-Organized Tailoring of Faceted Glass Nanowrinkles for Organic Nanoelectronics

Structural Transitions During Formation and Rehydration of Proton Conducting Polymeric Membranes

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‘We moeten toe naar een productie van grammen’ Er garen bij spinnen