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Anatomy of an ionized bubble at z=6.6: Which galaxies reionized the Universe?

A tight angular-momentum plane for disc galaxies

Constraining the cosmic UV background at z > 3 with MUSE Lyman-α emission observations

Implications of a spatially resolved main sequence for the size evolution of star-forming galaxies

Most of the cool CGM of star-forming galaxies is not produced by supernova feedback

Revealing the impact of quasar luminosity on giant Ly α nebulae

The MUSE-Wide survey: Three-dimensional clustering analysis of Lyman- α emitters at 3.3 < z < 6

Unraveling the knots of gaseous Cosmic Web filaments at z 3 through H-alpha emission observations

Voyage through the hidden physics of the cosmic web

Angular Momentum Accretion onto Disc Galaxies

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