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Characterizing the circumgalactic medium of quasars at z 2.2 through H α and Ly α emission

Fountain-driven gas accretion feeding star formation over the disc of NGC 2403

Inflow of low-metallicity cool gas in the halo of the Andromeda galaxy

Resolving a Massive Node of the Cosmic Web at z=3

(Re)Solving reionization with Lyα: how bright Lyα Emitters account for the z ≈ 2-8 cosmic ionizing background

The synchrony of production and escape: half the bright Lyα emitters at z ≈ 2 have Lyman continuum escape fractions ≈50 per cent

Anatomy of an ionized bubble at z=6.6: Which galaxies reionized the Universe?

A tight angular-momentum plane for disc galaxies

Constraining the cosmic UV background at z > 3 with MUSE Lyman-α emission observations

Implications of a spatially resolved main sequence for the size evolution of star-forming galaxies

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