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How to find us dr. G.P.R. (Gaël) Schaeffer

dr. G.P.R. (Gaël) Schaeffer

Scientific Coordinator - Stratingh Institute for Chemistry
dr. G.P.R. (Gaël) Schaeffer


Spontaneous Emergence of Self-Replicating Molecules Containing Nucleobases and Amino Acids

Cross-Catalysis between Self-Replicators of Different Handedness

Effector-Triggered Self-Replication in Coupled Subsystems

Redox Control over Acyl Hydrazone Photoswitches

Structural and Spectroscopic Properties of Assemblies of Self-Replicating Peptide Macrocycles

Two-dimensional soft supramolecular networks

Ultra-strong coupling of molecular materials: spectroscopy and dynamics

Lattice interactions and aggregation in solution-can the two be related?

Self-Assembly of a Highly Organized, Hexameric Supramolecular Architecture: Formation, Structure and Properties

Double Dynamic Supramolecular Polymers of Covalent Oligo-Dynamers

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