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Towards prevention of ischemia-reperfusion kidney injury: Pre-clinical evaluation of 6-chromanol derivatives and the lead compound SUL-138

Autologous Lipofilling Improves Clinical Outcome in Patients With Symptomatic Dermal Scars Through Induction of a Pro-Regenerative Immune Response

Calciprotein Particles Balancing Mineral Homeostasis and Vascular Pathology: Balancing Mineral Homeostasis and Vascular Pathology

Compounds for treatment of alzheimer’s disease

Endothelium-derived stromal cells contribute to hematopoietic bone marrow niche formation

Reciprocal regulation of endothelial-mesenchymal transition by MAPK7 and EZH2 in intimal hyperplasia and coronary artery disease

SUL-151 Decreases Airway Neutrophilia as a Prophylactic and Therapeutic Treatment in Mice after Cigarette Smoke Exposure

The Endothelium as a Target for Anti-Atherogenic Therapy: A Focus on the Epigenetic Enzymes EZH2 and SIRT1

Torpor enhances synaptic strength and restores memory performance in a mouse model of Alzheimer's disease

Activation of Retinal Angiogenesis in Hyperglycemic pdx1(-/-) Zebrafish Mutants

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