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Structural and biophysical characterization of the tandem substrate-binding domains of the ABC importer GlnPQ

Energy coupling efficiency in the Type I ABC transporter GlnPQ

Protein linkers provide limits on the domain interactions in the ABC importer GlnPQ and determine the rate of transport

Real-time conformational changes and controlled orientation of native proteins inside a protein nanoreactor

Relative rates of amino acid import via the ABC transporter GlnPQ determine the growth performance of Lactococcus lactis

Conformational dynamics in substrate-binding domains influences transport in the ABC importer GlnPQ

Watching conformational dynamics of ABC transporters with single-molecule tools

Bacillus subtilis spore protein SpoVAC functions as a mechanosensitive channel

Functional Diversity of Tandem Substrate-Binding Domains in ABC Transporters from Pathogenic Bacteria

Functional Characterization of Amphipathic alpha-Helix in the Osmoregulatory ABC Transporter OpuA

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