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Practical matters How to find us prof. dr. ir. G.J. (Bart) Verkerke

Research interests

Prof. Dr. G.J. (Bart) Verkerke (male) is professor in BioMedical Product Development at both the University Medical Center Groningen and the University of Twente. He is technical-scientific director of  SPRINT, a Dutch Center of Research Excellence, focusing on realisation of a sustainable healthcare by designing smart implants, prostheses, orthoses and by the application of wearables and nearables to inform citizens and patients, which of the designed intervention systems works best to improve their health and lifestyle. User and industrial involvement is a prerequisite for all projects from the early start. Research interests are biomechanics and the methodical design of medical products, including teamwork; how to work together with many different disciplines in an efficient and effective way.

He has ample experience in leading large international projects (EU, Eureka). He is a member of the working group A2 of EIP-AHA (European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing). He has many industrial contacts, is board member of ESEM (Educating Students in Engineering and Medicine) and Councillor of the European Alliance of Medical and Biomedical Engineering Societies (EAMBES). He owns 18 patents, supervised 33 PhD-students, realized more than 200 publications, and 45 book chapters, and realized grants for in total 20 M Euro.



A computer implemented method for selecting a shape of a rocker outsole

Bone fixation techniques for managing joint disorders and injuries: A review study

Pilot Validation Study of Inertial Measurement Units and Markerless Methods for 3D Neck and Trunk Kinematics during a Simulated Surgery Task

Spring-Charged Particles Model to Improved Shape Recovery: An Application for X-Ray Spinal Segmentation

Three-dimensional correction of scoliosis by a double spring reduction system as a dynamic internal brace: a pre-clinical study in Göttingen minipigs

Automatically Determining Lumbar Load during Physically Demanding Work: A Validation Study

Can breathing gases be analyzed without a mouth mask? Proof-of-concept and concurrent validity of a newly developed design with a mask-less headset: Proof-of-concept and concurrent validity of a newly developed design with a mask-less headset

Effect of different forefoot rocker radii on lower-limb joint biomechanics in healthy individuals

Effects of Longitudinal Bending Stiffness of forefoot rocker profile shoes on ankle kinematics and kinetics

Evaluation of a Wearable Non-Invasive Thermometer for Monitoring Ear Canal Temperature during Physically Demanding (Outdoor) Work

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