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Practical matters How to find us G.J. (Greg) Poarch, PhD

G.J. (Greg) Poarch, PhD

Assistant Professor of English Linguistics and English as a Second Language (ESL)
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Teaching English as an additional language in German secondary schools: Pluralistic approaches to language learning and teaching in action

The cognitive effects of bilingualism

Does language context impact the neural correlates of executive control in monolingual and multilingual young adults?

Teaching English as a third language in primary and secondary school: The potential of pluralistic approaches to language learning

Einflussfaktoren und Effekte von Mehrsprachigkeit: Mehrsprachigkeit und Alter

Syntactic or semantic gender agreement in Dutch, German, and German learner Dutch. A speeded grammaticality judgement task

A Bilingual Advantage? An Appeal for a Change in Perspective and Recommendations for Future Research

Does performance on executive function tasks correlate?: Evidence from child trilinguals, bilinguals, and second language learners

English after German

The effect of bidialectalism on executive function

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