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Association of Circulating Trimethylamine N-Oxide and Its Dietary Determinants with the Risk of Kidney Graft Failure: Results of the TransplantLines Cohort Study

Fibroblast growth factor 23 and new-onset chronic kidney disease in the general population: the Prevention of Renal and Vascular Endstage Disease (PREVEND) study

Food Literacy Is Associated With Adherence to a Mediterranean-Style Diet in Kidney Transplant Recipients

Low Health Literacy is Associated with the Onset of CKD during the Life Course

Measuring Muscle Mass and Strength in Obesity: A Review of Various Methods

Metabolic syndrome-related dietary pattern and risk of mortality in kidney transplant recipients

Plasma cadmium is associated with increased risk of long-term kidney graft failure

Prediction of Incident Cancers in the Lifelines Population-Based Cohort

Prevalence of sarcopenic obesity and sarcopenic overweight in the general population: The lifelines cohort study

Publisher Correction: Sex-dimorphic genetic effects and novel loci for fasting glucose and insulin variability

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