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Evaluating Pre-training Objectives for Low-Resource Translation into Morphologically Rich Languages

UDapter: Typology-based Language Adapters for Multilingual Dependency Parsing and Sequence Labeling

Optimal Word Segmentation for Neural Machine Translation into Dravidian Languages

The Importance of Context in Very Low Resource Language Modeling

Unsupervised Translation of German–Lower Sorbian: Exploring Training and Novel Transfer Methods on a Low-Resource Language

A Shared Task of a New, Collaborative Type to Foster Reproducibility: A First Exercise in the Area of Language Science and Technology with REPROLANG2020

AlpinoGraph: A Graph-based Search Engine for Flexible and Efficient Treebank Search

Data Selection for Unsupervised Translation of German--Upper Sorbian

Is Typology-Based Adaptation Effective for Multilingual Sequence Labelling?

Linguistically Motivated Subwords for English-Tamil Translation: University of Groningen’s Submission to WMT-2020

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