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Research interests

The research of Geertruida de Bock is about the early detection of cancer and improvement of outcomes after cancer treatment. To evaluate this in a systematic way, she set up an UMCG’s oncology databiobank OncoLifeS with quality of life as a main outcome. To assess and optimize screening strategies, she works on defining which populations are at risk of cancer and negative outcomes. She does not only consider benefits of screening and treatment, but also the negative effects of over-diagnosis, tumor-induction, false-positive results, and side-effects. Systematic literature reviews, analysis of cohorts and modelling are the most important methods she uses.


Actual physical activity after major abdominal cancer surgery: Far from optimal

ASO Visual Abstract: The Association between Intraoperative Compromised Intestinal Integrity and Postoperative Complications in Cancer Patients

Health benefits and harms of mammography screening in older women (75+ years)—a systematic review

The Association Between Intraoperative Compromised Intestinal Integrity and Postoperative Complications in Cancer Patients

A comparison of cardiovascular and pulmonary morbidities and risk factors in breast cancer survivors compared to an age-matched female control group in the Lifelines prospective population cohort

BRCA1/2 testing rates in epithelial ovarian cancer: A focus on the untested patients

Causality and functional relevance of BRCA1 and BRCA2 pathogenic variants in non-high-grade serous ovarian carcinomas

Chronic Use of Hydrochlorothiazide and Risk of Skin Cancer in Caucasian Adults: A PharmLines Initiative Inception Cohort Study

Community Use of Repurposed Drugs Before and During COVID-19 Pandemic in the Netherlands: An Interrupted Time-Series Analysis

Comparison of two frailty screening tools in older patients with colorectal cancer

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Mannen krijgen vaker kankertherapie die de tumor aanpakt dan vrouwen

Mannen krijgen vaker kankertherapie die de tumor aanpakt dan vrouwen

Steeds meer mensen met kanker

Steeds meer mensen met kanker: 'Zien nu effecten van veel roken en zonnen'

UMCG krijgt vier ton subsidie voor verbetering onderzoek naar baarmoederhalskanker.

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