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Classification of various sources of error in range assessment using proton radiography and neural networks in head and neck cancer patients

Comparison of CBCT based synthetic CT methods for adaptive proton therapy

Comparison of CBCT based synthetic CT methods suitable for proton dose calculations in adaptive proton therapy

Comparison of the suitability of CBCT- and MR-based synthetic CTs for daily adaptive proton therapy in head and neck patients

Feasibility of patient specific quality assurance for proton therapy based on independent dose calculation and predicted outcomes

Platform for automatic patient quality assurance via Monte Carlo simulations in proton therapy

Stopping and straggling of 60-250-keV backscattered protons on nanometric Pt films

The effect of ion implantation on reflection electron energy loss spectroscopy: The case of Au implanted Al films

Validation of linear energy transfer computed in a Monte Carlo dose engine of a commercial treatment planning system

Automated proton plan QA via independent Monte Carlo simulations

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