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Local balancing of the electricity grid in a renewable municipality; analyzing the effectiveness and cost of decentralized load balancing looking at multiple combinations of technologies

Balancing responsibilities: Effects of growth of variable renewable energy, storage, and undue grid interaction

A review of the bandwidth and environmental discourses of future energy scenarios: Shades of green and gray

Swiss pumped hydro storage potential for Germany's electricity system under high penetration of intermittent renewable energy

Decentralized Biogas Storage and Renewables Integration in Local Energy Systems: A Dynamic Modeling Approach

Grid Implications of Decentralized Renewable Energy Generation at Various Demand Scales

Social Dimensions Affecting Attitudes of Local Renewable Energy Initiatives Towards Biogas

Social Dimensions Affecting Local Energy Initiatives' Attitudes Towards Biogas

Decentralised Biogas Storage to Improve Integration of Renewable Energy in Local Energy Systems

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