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Spontaneous recovery and treatment effects in patients with homonymous visual field defects: A meta-analysis of existing literature in terms of the ICF framework

Car Driving Performance in Hemianopia: An On-Road Driving Study

Difficulties in Daily Life Reported by Patients With Homonymous Visual Field Defects

The Effects of Compensatory Scanning Training on Mobility in Patients with Homonymous Visual Field Defects: A Randomized Controlled Trial

Autorijden met hemianopsie: Mogelijkheden en kansen

Effects of low visual acuity on neuropsychological test scores: A simulation study

Eye tracking and virtual reality in the rehabilitation of mobility of hemianopia patients: A user experience study

Independent outdoor mobility of persons with multiple sclerosis – A systematic review

Interventions for Reading Difficulties in Homonymous Hemianopia: A Systematic Review Protocol

Scanning behavior in hemianopia: A Systematic Review Protocol

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youtube: Mobiliteitstraining bij Hemianopsie (professional)

youtube: Mobiliteitstraining bij Hemianopsie (cliënt)

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