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Conceptualizing community resilience and the social dimensions of risk to overcome barriers to disaster risk reduction and sustainable development

How a new university campus affected people in three villages: the dynamic nature of social licence to operate

Stakeholder views about Land Use and Transport Integration in a rapidly-growing megacity: Social outcomes and integrated planning issues in Seoul

Barriers to Enhancing Disaster Risk Reduction and Community Resilience: Evidence from the L’Aquila Disaster

Challenges in meeting international standards in undertaking social impact assessment in Russia

Challenges to Implementing Socially-Sustainable Community Development in Oil Palm and Forestry Operations in Indonesia

Community-Led Green Land Acquisition: Social Innovative Initiatives for Forest Protection and Regional Development

Environmental justice implications of land grabbing for industrial agriculture and forestry in Argentina

Evaluating Chinese policy on post-resettlement support for dam-induced displacement and resettlement

Examining the Social Outcomes from Urban Transport Infrastructure: Long-Term Consequences of Spatial Changes and Varied Interests at Multiple Levels

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