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Characterisation of visual guidance of steering to intercept targets following curving trajectories using Qualitative Inconsistency Detection

Distance over Time in a Maximal Sprint: Understanding Athletes' Action Boundaries in Sprinting

Emergent Coordination of Heading in Soccer: Of Two Players and a Single Ball

Height, Size, and/or Gap Width Variation in Jumping Stone Configurations: Which Form of Variation Attracts Children the Most?

Fractional-Order Information in the Visual Control of Locomotor Interception

Psychological Momentum Effects on Affordances of Athletes

Rowing together: Interpersonal coordination dynamics with and without mechanical coupling

Rowing together: Synchronisation vs. syncopation

The Effects of Psychological Momentum on Affordances

Division of labor as an emergent phenomenon of social coordination: The example of playing doubles-pong: The example of playing doubles-pong

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