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A Hierarchical Hybrid Method for Screening Ionic Liquid Solvents for Extractions Exemplified by the Extractive Desulfurization Process

A Structure-Properties Relationship Study of Self-Healing Materials Based on Styrene and Furfuryl Methacrylate Cross-Linked via Diels-Alder Chemistry

Computer-Aided Ionic Liquid Design and Experimental Validation for Benzene-Cyclohexane Separation

Iron Tetrasulfonatophthalocyanine-Catalyzed Starch Oxidation Using H2O2: Interplay between Catalyst Activity, Selectivity, and Stability

Maleimide Self-Reaction in Furan/Maleimide-Based Reversibly Crosslinked Polyketones: Processing Limitation or Potential Advantage?

Novel non-ionic surfactants synthesised through the reaction of CO2 with long alkyl chain epoxides

Preliminary Evaluation of Amphiphilic Block Polyelectrolytes as Potential Flooding Agents for Low Salinity Chemical Enhanced Oil Recovery

Self-Healing Polymer Nanocomposite Materials by Joule Effect

Thermally Switchable Electrically Conductive Thermoset rGO/PK Self-Healing Composites

Diels-Alder-based thermo-reversibly crosslinked polymers: Interplay of crosslinking density, network mobility, kinetics and stereoisomerism

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