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How to find us F. (Francesco) Maresca, PhD


Measurement and prediction of the transformation strain that controls ductility and toughness in advanced steels

Mechanistic origin of high strength in refractory BCC high entropy alloys up to 1900K

Theory of screw dislocation strengthening in random BCC alloys from dilute to “High-Entropy” alloys

Vanadium is an optimal element for strengthening in both fcc and bcc high-entropy alloys

Solute/screw dislocation interaction energy parameter for strengthening in bcc dilute to high entropy alloys

Contribution of austenite-martensite transformation to deformability of advanced high strength steels: From atomistic mechanisms to microstructural response

Ferrite slip system activation investigated by uniaxial micro-tensile tests and simulations

Screw dislocation structure and mobility in body centered cubic Fe predicted by a Gaussian Approximation Potential

The austenite/lath martensite interface in steels: Structure, athermal motion, and in-situ transformation strain revealed by simulation and theory

Unraveling the apparent ductility of lath martensite

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