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ATF4 links ER stress with reticulophagy in glioblastoma cells

ATG9A protects the plasma membrane from programmed and incidental permeabilization

Autophagy in major human diseases

Autophagy induction during stem cell activation plays a key role in salivary gland self-renewal

ER-Phagy, ER Homeostasis, and ER Quality Control: Implications for Disease

Glycans in autophagy, endocytosis and lysosomal functions

How Viruses Hijack and Modify the Secretory Transport Pathway

HSBP1 Is a Novel Interactor of FIP200 and ATG13 That Promotes Autophagy Initiation and Picornavirus Replication

Inhibition of IRGM establishes a robust antiviral immune state to restrict pathogenic viruses

Membrane supply and remodeling during autophagosome biogenesis

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'How to stop the virus from replicating in the cell?'