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How to find us prof. dr. F. (Folkert) Kuipers

Research interests


- Physiology and pathophysiology of the enterohepatic circulation in humans and experimental animals: hepatic and intestinal transport systems, mechanisms of bile formation and cholestasis, (patho)physiology of biliary lipid secretion, metabolic control by bile acids via newly identified signaling cascades

- Hepatic lipid metabolism in humans and experimental animals: lipoprotein assembly and secretion, causes and consequences of hepatic steatosis, interactions between carbohydrate and lipid metabolism, inborn errors of metabolism, inflammatory pathways, role of nuclear receptors (LXR, CHREBP)

- Regulation of cholesterol synthesis and trafficking: transcription factors and nuclear receptors (SREBP/PPAR/FXR/LXR) and transporter proteins, perinatal development, metabolic programming, application of stable isotope approaches

- Quantification of metabolic fluxes by stable isotope procedures



Ablation of liver Fxr results in an increased colonic mucus barrier in mice

Altered bile acid kinetics contribute to postprandial hypoglycaemia after Roux-en-Y gastric bypass surgery

An early-life diet containing large phospholipid-coated lipid globules programs later-life postabsorptive lipid trafficking in high-fat diet but not in low-fat dietfed mice

Cholangiopathy and biliary fibrosis in Cyp2c70-deficient mice are fully reversed by ursodeoxycholic acid

Dynamic binning peak detection and assessment of various lipidomics liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry pre-processing platforms

Emerging roles of bile acids in control of intestinal functions

Gut microbiome and bile acids in obesity-related diseases

Gut-microbe derived TMAO and its association with more progressed forms of AF: Results from the AF-RISK study

Hepatocyte-specific glucose-6-phosphatase deficiency disturbs platelet aggregation and decreases blood monocytes upon fasting-induced hypoglycemia

Impaired Bile Acid Metabolism and Gut Dysbiosis in Mice Lacking Lysosomal Acid Lipase

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