prof. dr. F. (Folkert) Kuipers


Research interests


- Physiology and pathophysiology of the enterohepatic circulation in humans and experimental animals: hepatic and intestinal transport systems, mechanisms of bile formation and cholestasis, (patho)physiology of biliary lipid secretion, metabolic control by bile acids via newly identified signaling cascades

- Hepatic lipid metabolism in humans and experimental animals: lipoprotein assembly and secretion, causes and consequences of hepatic steatosis, interactions between carbohydrate and lipid metabolism, inborn errors of metabolism, inflammatory pathways, role of nuclear receptors (LXR, CHREBP)

- Regulation of cholesterol synthesis and trafficking: transcription factors and nuclear receptors (SREBP/PPAR/FXR/LXR) and transporter proteins, perinatal development, metabolic programming, application of stable isotope approaches

- Quantification of metabolic fluxes by stable isotope procedures


  1. Glucose-6-phosphate regulates hepatic bile acid synthesis in mice

    Hoogerland, J. A., Lei, Y., Wolters, J. C., de Boer, J. F., Bos, T., Bleeker, A., Mulder, N. L., van Dijk, T. H., Kuivenhoven, J. A., Rajas, F., Mithieux, G., Haeusler, R. A., Verkade, H. J., Bloks, V. W., Kuipers, F. & Oosterveer, M. H., 2019, In : Hepatology.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticleAcademicpeer-review

  2. Gut Microbial Associations to Plasma Metabolites Linked to Cardiovascular Phenotypes and Risk: A Cross-Sectional Study

    Kurilshikov, A., van den Munckhof, I. C., Chen, L., Bonder, M. J., Schraa, K., Rutten, J., Riksen, N. P., de Graaf, J., Oosting, M., Sanna, S., Joosten, L. A., van der Graaf, M., Brand, T., Koonen, D. P., van Faassen, M. J., Slagboom, P. E., Xavier, R. J., Kuipers, F., Hofker, M., Wijmenga, C., Netea, M. G., Zhernakova, A. & Fu, J., 11-Apr-2019, In : Circulation research.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticleAcademicpeer-review

  3. Targeting senescent cells alleviates obesity-induced metabolic dysfunction

    Palmer, A. K., Xu, M., Zhu, Y., Pirtskhalava, T., Weivoda, M. M., Hachfeld, C. M., Prata, L. G., van Dijk, T. H., Verkade, E., Casaclang-Verzosa, G., Johnson, K. O., Cubro, H., Doornebal, E. J., Ogrodnik, M., Jurk, D., Jensen, M. D., Chini, E. N., Miller, J. D., Matveyenko, A., Stout, M. B., Schafer, M. J., White, T. A., Hickson, L. J., Demaria, M., Garovic, V., Grande, J., Arriaga, E. A., Kuipers, F., von Zglinicki, T., LeBrasseur, N. K., Campisi, J., Tchkonia, T. & Kirkland, J. L., 2019, In : Aging Cell. p. e12950

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticleAcademicpeer-review

  4. Impaired Hepatic Phosphatidylcholine Synthesis Leads to Cholestasis in Mice Challenged With a High-Fat Diet

    Wan, S., Kuipers, F., Havinga, R., Ando, H., Vance, D. E., Jacobs, R. L. & van der Veen, J. N., Feb-2019, In : Hepatology communications. 3, 2, p. 262-276 15 p.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticleAcademicpeer-review

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