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F.J. (Florian) Lippert, Dr

Associate Professor (UHD) in European Culture and Literature, Director Research Centre for the Study of Democratic Cultures and Politics
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Shocks to the System. Lessons from Geert Wilders’ Victory in the Dutch Elections

Caution, 'concrete utopias' and common threats. Dutch perspectives on German unity

Kulturelle Selbstreflexion in der europäischen "Flüchtlingskrise" am Beispiel zeitgenössischer Dokumentarfilme

Uncanny Europe: Derridean Hauntologies of History, Unity and Identity in Films by Nikolaus Geyrhalter

Read Thyself: Cultural Self-reflection and the Relevance of Literary “Self”-labels

Introduction: European Crises

Public self-reflection in the context of the European migrant crisis: Towards a new transdisciplinary model of discourse analysis in politics, media and the arts

Self-Reflection in Literature

European Literature, Conflict and the Spaces of Modernism

Missing Links: Ansätze, Probleme und Perspektiven einer transdisziplinären Ästhetik der Leerstelle

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