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Practical matters How to find us F.J. (Felix) Budelmann, Prof Dr

Research interests

Ancient Greek and Latin literature, especially Greek poetic and dramatic texts.
Cognitive humanities.


Metalepsis and readerly investment in fictional characters: reflections on apostrophic reading

Greek lyric: a selection

Textual events: performance and the lyric in early Greece

Cognition, Endorphins, and the Literary Response to Tragedy

Emotional arousal when watching drama increases pain threshold and social bonding

Belief, Make-Believe, and the Religious Imagination: The Case of the Deus Ex Machina in Greek Tragedy

Differential effects of film genre on viewers’ absorption, identification, and enjoyment

How Audiences Engage With Drama: Identification, Attribution and Moral Approval

Attending to tragic messenger speeches

Dare to believe: wonder, trust and the limitations of human cognition in Euripides’ Iphigenia in Tauris

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