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Cross-cultural adaptation, reliability, and validity of the work role functioning questionnaire 2.0 to Persian

Exploring the concept inability to work fulltime in the context of work disability assessments: a qualitative study

Inability to Work Fulltime, Prevalence and Associated Factors Among Applicants for Work Disability Benefit

Sustainable employability of teachers with hearing loss

Validation of the Work Role Functioning Questionnaire 2.0 in cancer patients

Content Validation of a Practice-Based Work Capacity Assessment Instrument Using ICF Core Sets

Cross-cultural translation and adaptation of the Readiness for Return To Work questionnaire for Dutch cancer survivors

Work capacity assessments and efforts to achieve a job match for claimants in a social security setting: an international inventory

The relation between hearing loss and sustainable employability of teachers

Two valid and reliable work role functioning questionnaire short versions were developed: WRFQ 5 and WRFQ 10

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