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Practical matters How to find us F. (Francesca) Giardini, PhD

Research interests

From The Times Higher Education World University Rankings, to products' reviews on eBay, or to friends recommending restaurants and books, we are immersed in a network of evaluations about individuals, places, goods, companies or even institutions. Knowing others' reputations allows us to make predictions about their behaviors, and being effective in managing one's own reputation is crucial for social inclusion. 

In my research I am interested in identifying the conditions under which reputation and gossip might support or hamper cooperation in different setting. I am especially interested in social sustainability and on the mechanisms promoting it. I recently started working on the network dynamics of cooperation in organizations. 


Four Puzzles of Reputation-Based Cooperation: Content, Process, Honesty and Structure

Gossip and competitive altruism support cooperation in a Public Good game

Opinion Dynamics and Collective Risk Perception: An Agent-Based Model of Institutional and Media Communication About Disasters

Reputation and socio-ecology in humans

Shaping resilience: How work team characteristics affect occupational commitment in health care interns during a pandemic

The language of cooperation: Reputation and honest signalling

Computational Models That Matter During a Global Pandemic Outbreak: A Call to Action

Reputation Effects, Embeddedness, and Granovetter's Error

Combining partner choice and gossip to make cooperation sustainable in a Public Goods Game

Comment le commeráge et la réputation peuvent promouvoir des comportements moraux chez l'etre humain

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