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Binding interactions with sevelamer and polystyrene sulfonate in vitro

Exposure-toxicity analysis of cabozantinib in patients with salivary gland cancer and renal cell cancer

Exposure-toxicity relationship of cabozantinib in patients with renal cell cancer and salivary gland cancer

High prevalence of peripheral neuropathy in multiple myeloma patients and the impact of vitamin D levels, a cross-sectional study

Prevalence and follow-up of potentially inappropriate medication and potentially omitted medication in older patients with cancer - The PIM POM study

The impact of a 1-hour time interval between pazopanib and subsequent intake of gastric acid suppressants on pazopanib exposure

The performance of COBRA, a decision rule to predict the need for intensive care interventions in intentional drug overdose

Clinical implications of food-drug interactions with small-molecule kinase inhibitors

Extracorporeal treatment of metforminassociated lactic acidosis in clinical practice: A retrospective cohort study

Identifying patients with metformin associated lactic acidosis in the emergency department

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