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prof. dr. F.F.S. (Floris) van der Tak

Honorary Professor of Astrochemistry and the Habitability of Exoplanets


An accurate set of H3O+ - H2 collisional rate coefficients for non-LTE modelling of warm interstellar clouds

Beam Waist Properties of Spiral Antenna Coupled HEB Mixers at Supra-THz Frequencies

Dense gas and star formation in the outer Milky Way

Diagnosing the interstellar medium of galaxies with far-infrared emission lines: II. [C II], [O I], [O III], [N II], and [N III] up to z = 6

Heterodyne performance and characteristics of terahertz MgB2hot electron bolometers

Protostellar Feedback in Massive Star Forming Regions

Star & planet formation: Upcoming opportunities in the space-based infrared

Tracing Evolution in Massive Protostellar Objects-I. Fragmentation and emission properties of massive star-forming clumps in a luminosity-limited ALMA sample

A target list for searching for habitable exomoons

Bandwidth of a 4.7 THz beam multiplexer based on Fourier grating

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