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Reversible On/Off Switching of Lactide Cyclopolymerization with a Redox-Active Formazanate Ligand

Visible light activated BINOL-derived chiroptical switches based on boron integrated hydrazone complexes

Chiral Amplification of Phosphoramidates of Amines and Amino Acids in Water

Manganese(I)-Catalyzed H-P Bond Activation via Metal-Ligand Cooperation

Mechanistic elucidation of monoalkyltin(iv)-catalyzed esterification

Synthesis of a Sterically Encumbered Pincer Au(III)−OH Complex

Three-Coordinate Zinc Methyl Complexes with Sterically Demanding Formazanate Ligands

Widening the Window of Spin-Crossover Temperatures in Bis(formazanate)iron(II) Complexes via Steric and Noncovalent Interactions

Electronic Control of Spin-Crossover Properties in Four-Coordinate Bis(formazanate) Iron(II) Complexes

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