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How to find us E.A. Koops, MSc
University Medical Center Groningen

E.A. Koops, MSc

E.A. Koops, MSc




Name:              Elouise Koops                        

Phone:             003150 363 44 31                                                                   




I am currently conducting research as a PhD student at the departments of Audiology and Neuroscience of the University Medical Centre in Groningen. During my project I will focus on the presence of tonotopic reorganisation, or neuroplasticity, in patients with tinnitus and hearing loss.


Previous research project were to evaluate repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (rTMS) as a means to decrease symptoms of medically unexplained pain and functional neurological motor symptoms. In addition I have investigated the change in cerebral activation as measured with fMRI, psychological symptoms and medical costs that accompany possible symptom improvement in this broad patient group.


The knowledge of underlying neurobiological mechanisms is not yet extensive in tinnitus but no neurological or audiological condition seems to be the cause of the symptoms. Tinnitus has a substantial impact on the daily life and activities of patients as it is often on-going or chronic. Therefore this is a disabling disorder but, with little understanding of the underlying mechanisms involved, most patients do not recover completely. Research on tinnitus is therefore of the utmost importance for both the patients welfare as well as to improve our understanding of the mechanisms of our brain.


Working with neuroimaging techniques is something that I very much enjoy in my PhD project and I am looking forward to continue in this line of work after I conclude my time here as an PhD. I enjoy working with the different computer software for data analysis as well as coordinating a project.


I very much like the connection with the clinical aspects in my current research; the data do not appear to be mere numbers, but are a record of clinical practice.



2014 – 2018    PhD Research: Tonotopic reorganisation in the human auditory cortex in patients with                              tinnitus and hearing loss.

                                   RUG – University of Groningen

                                   UMCG – University Medical Centre Groningen: Departments of Neuroscience and Audiology.

Different Neuro imaging methods are applied to investigate neuroplasticity in patients with tinnitus and hearing loss.


2014                            Research MSc BCN: Behavioural and Cognitive Neurosciences

                                   RUG - University of Groningen

                                   UMCG - University Medical Centre Groningen: Departments of Neuroscience and Audiology.

Research on tonotopic reorganisation of tonotopic maps in patients with tinnitus and hearing loss. Finding a method of loudness matching in the fMRI scanner in order to ensure equal sensations of loudness for patients with differing levels of hearing loss.


2012 – 2014           Research MSc BCN: Behavioural and Cognitive Neurosciences

                             RUG- University of Groningen

                             UMCG – University Medical Centre Groningen: Departments of Neurology and Revalidation centre                    Beatrixoord: Research on CRPS-I.

  • Writing of scientific articles (as first and second author)
  • Coordinating a review article on “neuromodulation in FSS”
  • Writing a METC-proposal
  • Writing a grant proposal
  • Data collection by means of questionnaires and neuroimaging
  • Organise and implement treatment with rTMS
  • Acquiring fMRI data
  • FMRI data analysis in SPM (Matlab)
  • Presenting a poster


2011 - 2012:          MSc Psychology: Research in Neurology Department

                             RUG – University of Groningen

                             UMCG – University Medical Centre Groningen

Research on conversion disorder

  • Plan appointments with patients
  • Patient contact
  • Data collection by means of questionnaires
  • Organize and implement treatment with rTMS
  • Acquiring data for fMRI research
  • Data analysis of fMRI data in SPM




2012 – 2014                 Research Master; Behavioural and Cognitive Neurosciences (Cum Laude)

                                   Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, Mathematics and Physics department, The Netherlands.


2011 - 2013                  Master of Science; Cognitive Psychology and Clinical Neuropsychology (Cum Laude)                                               Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, Faculty of Social Sciences, The Netherlands.

 2007 - 2011                 Bachelor Psychology, University of Groningen

                                   Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, The Netherlands.

2000 – 2006                 Hondsrugcollege, vwo (gymnasium) and vwo+ certificate, Emmen




Computer related qualities

  • Working with Linux, SPM and Matlab
  • Programming in R
  • Programming in Python
  • Working with SPSS



  • fMRI data analysis in Statistical Parametrical Mapping program SPM
  • DTI, fMRI, Resting-State data analysis in FSL
  • Making participation in research a pleasant experience for patients
  • Administering of rTMS-treatment           (Magstim Rapid 2 Stimulator; double 70 mm Cooled Coil System)
  • Use of Neuronavigation                        (Polaris Spectra, Northern Digital)
  • Psychological intake interview
  • Administration of questionnaires




2015                            Python for Neuroscientists course, Nottingham, Jon Peirce

2015                            Advanced Neuro Imaging course: from voxels to networks, RUG

2015                            Mathematics for Neuroscientists course, RUG

2014                            Statistical Significance vs Clinical Relevance, RUG, GSMS.

2014                            Matlab Course J.B. Marsman.

2011 and 2013              fMRI course at Neuro Imaging Centre Groningen (NIC), Dr. R.Renken (8.5).

2011 – 2012                  Course: Experimental Designs, University of Groningen (RUG) (7).

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