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The association between age and telomere length is age-dependent: Evidence for a threshold model of telomere length maintenance

Ectoparasite presence and brood size manipulation interact to accelerate telomere shortening in nestling jackdaws

Glucocorticoid receptor expression in blood, but not across brain regions, reveals long-term effects of early life adversity in zebra finches

High heritability of telomere length and low heritability of telomere shortening in wild birds

Telomere length is highly heritable and independent of growth rate manipulated by temperature in field crickets

Telomere length is highly repeatable and shorter in individuals with more elaborate sexual ornamentation in a short-lived passerine

Antioxidant supplementation slows telomere shortening in free-living white stork chicks

Epigenetic inheritance of telomere length in wild birds

Ultralong telomeres shorten with age in nestling great tits but are static in adults and mask attrition of short telomeres

Canalisation in the wild: Effects of developmental conditions on physiological traits are inversely linked to their association with fitness

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