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Antioxidant supplementation slows telomere shortening in free-living white stork chicks

Epigenetic inheritance of telomere length in wild birds

Ultralong telomeres shorten with age in nestling great tits but are static in adults and mask attrition of short telomeres

Canalisation in the wild: Effects of developmental conditions on physiological traits are inversely linked to their association with fitness

Increasing the accuracy and precision of relative telomere length estimates by RT qPCR

The rate of telomere loss is related to maximum lifespan in birds

Does oxidative stress shorten telomeres?

Heritability of telomere length in the Zebra Finch

Nestling telomere shortening, but not telomere length, reflects developmental stress and predicts survival in wild birds

Absolute standards as a useful addition to the avian quantitative PCR telomere assay

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