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E. (Elisabeth) Wilhelm, Dr

Assistant Professor in Control of Robotic Systems for Assistance and Rehabilitation

Research interests

My research focuses on robotics for rehabilitation and assistive devices, artificial sensory stimulation, real-time bio-feedback and human-machine interaction. In particular, I use artificial sensory stimulation to help people with neurological diseases and sleep disorders. To achieve this, I combine microtechnology with robotics and artificial intelligence. A key aspect of my research is to combine advanced bio-signal processing with machine learning techniques to develop algorithms that allow robots to react to the physiological state of the human user in closed-loop manner.


A Sensing Platform to Monitor Sleep Efficiency

Impact of Ear Occlusion on In-Ear Sounds Generated by Intra-oral Behaviors

Robotic beds for the treatment of positional obstructive sleep apnoea – a randomised cross-over pilot trial

Sleep Position Detection for Closed-Loop Treatment of Sleep-Related Breathing Disorders

A robot for climbing specific finger strength assessment and training with reduction in shoulder load

Effect of Rocking Movements on Afternoon Sleep

Gentle rocking movements during sleep in the elderly

Sensory stimulation in the treatment of children with sleep-related rhythmic movement disorder: a feasibility and acceptability study: A feasibility and acceptability study

The anti-snoring bed - a pilot study

Analysis of sleep-related rhytmic Movement Disorder in Children using automatic 3D detections

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