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How to find us E. (Els) van der Goot, MSc


Correlations of blood and brain biochemistry in phenylketonuria: Results from the Pah-enu2 PKU mouse

A microbial community ecology perspective on the gut-microbiome-brain axis

Blood and brain biochemistry and behaviour in NTBC and dietary treated tyrosinemia type 1 mice

Hippocampal microglia modifications in C57Bl/6 Pahenu2 and BTBR Pahenu2 phenylketonuria (PKU) mice depend on the genetic background, irrespective of disturbed sleep patterns

Long-term dietary intervention with low Phe and/or a specific nutrient combination improve certain aspects of brain functioning in phenylketonuria (PKU)

The benefit of large neutral amino acid supplementation to a liberalized phenylalanine-restricted diet in adult phenylketonuria patients: Evidence from adult Pah-Enu2 mice

Large neutral amino acid supplementation as an alternative to the phenylalanine-restricted diet in adults with phenylketonuria: Evidence from adult Pah-enu2 mice

The behavioral consequence of phenylketonuria in mice depends on the genetic background

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Balancing behavior and the microbiome: Meet Els van der Goot