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How to find us prof. dr. E. (Evert) van de Vliert

Research interests

Current research concentrates on latitudinal psychology, with an emphasis on the interactive impacts of climatic cold, climatic heat, and wealth resources on national and organizational cultures around the globe. The ultimate goal is a paradigm shift from the fruits of culture to the ecological roots of culture.


The global ecology of differentiation between us and them

Latitudinal Psychology: An Ecological Perspective on Creativity, Aggression, Happiness, and Beyond

Climato-economic habitats support patterns of human needs, stresses, and freedoms

Impacts of colder and hotter climates on richer and poorer people's daily functioning

Does Perceived Governance Quality Improve Toward the North and South Poles for Eco-Cultural Reasons?

Four fundamental distinctions in conceptions of wellbeing across cultures

Who is more prone to depression at higher latitudes? Islanders or mainlanders?

Latitudinal gradients as scientific tools for psychologists

Climatic Ignition of Motivation

Cold, heat, wealth, and culture

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