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Practical matters How to find us E.V. (Emillie Victoria) de Keulenaar, MA

E.V. (Emillie Victoria) de Keulenaar, MA

PhD student
E.V. (Emillie Victoria) de Keulenaar, MA

Research experience

2021 - ongoing PhD candidate University of Groningen
2020 - ongoing

Research consultant

  • Conflict monitoring the second Nagorno-Karabakh conflict on YouTube, VK, Twitter and Facebook.

  • Provided training in digital methods for conflict monitors and peacebuilders.

  • Conflict monitoring the Russia-Ukraine war.
UN Department of Political and Peacebuilding Affairs (Innovation Cell)
2018 - ongoing


  • Research on political extremism across the fringe-to-mainstream Web
Open Intelligence Lab
2020 - 2021 Research fellow AHRC project: Infodemic: Combatting COVID-19 Conspiracy Theories

Research assistant

King's College London
2019 - 2020

Junior researcher

University of Utrecht
2018 - 2020

Junior researcher at the Time Machine project

University of Amsterdam
2019 - 2020

Lecturer in Media Theory and New Media and Digital Culture

• Taught Media Theory at undergraduate level.
• Co-taught Adanced Topics: The Deep Vernacular Web (BA).
• Co-taught Meme War: Mapping the Radicalisation of Late-10’s Participatory Culture (MA).
• Co-taught Radical Subcultures Online (MA).

University of Amsterdam
2015 - 2016

Research intern

  • Researching the use of "digital diplomacy" in the South Korean MFA. 

Clingendael Institute of International Relations

  Conference presentations

  • de Keulenaar, E. (2022) ‘After deplatforming: The return of trace research for the study of platform effects’, in. DH 2022, Online: DH 2022.

  • de Keulenaar, E. and Kisjes, I. (2021) ‘Where will they go? Mapping the exodus of COVID conspiracy communities from mainstream to alternative platform ecologies’, in Congress 2021 of the Humanities and Social Sciences . Canadian Communication Association , Online: Canadian Communication Association.

  • de Keulenaar, E. and Wilson, J. (2020) ‘ALT-TECH, ALT-MEDIA, ALT-RIGHT: FAR-RIGHT MILIEUS AND ALTERNATIVE MEDIA DIETS AFTER THE 2020 “SUMMER OF DEPLATFORMING”’, in Life . 21st annual meeting of the Association of Internet Researchers , Online.

  • de Keulenaar, E., Kisjes, I. and Tuters, M. (2020) ‘How Kekistan united and divided the Right: Transcoding an incoherent movement’, in 2020 Online Conference . Memes: The Cultural Logic of Late Capitalism? , Online: King’s College London.

  • de Keulenaar and Poell, T. (2020) ‘ Social Media and the Refugee Crisis: Tracing Divergences between Broadcasting Media and Social Media Users’s Discourses on the Refugee Crisis ’ in Dutch Research Council’s Synergy Conference , Hilversum: NWO.

  • de Keulenaar, E., van Wissen, L. and Kisjes, I. (2019) ‘Measuring the relevance of Social Sciences and Humanities research in Dutch societal debates (2000-2018), in. 6th DH Benelux Conference , Liège.

  • Tuters, M., Kisjes, I. and de Keulenaar, E. V. (2019) ‘Consider the Comments: a Web Ethnography of Race- based Conspiracy Theories About Europe Under Threat’, in Authors’ Conference 2019 . Populism and polarization: a dual threat to Europe’s liberal democracies? , Cologne: EUROLAB.

  • de Keulenaar, E. V. (2019) ‘Partisan Epistemics: The War for Facts in Online Political Subcultures’, in Brighton Digital Festival . Messy Edge , Brighton: University of Brighton.

  • de Keulenaar, E. V. et al. (2019) ‘The Intellectualisation of Online Hate Speech: Monitoring the Alt-Right Audience on Youtube’, in. Digital Humanities Conference 2019 , Utrecht: Utrecht University.

  • de Keulenaar, E. V. and Kisjes, I. (2019) ‘Tracing intellectual exchanges in the right-wing communities of 4chan/pol’, in A Century of Radical Right Extremism . New Approaches , Richmond University: Centre of Analysis on the Radical Right.

  • de Keulenaar, E. V. et al. (2018) ‘Mapping the Multiverse of Alternative Facts in the Age of Post-Truth’, in Interface Politics II . A ft er Post-Truth , Barcelona: GREDITS.

  • Melissen, J. and de Keulenaar, E. V. (2017) ‘Digital Diplomacy as a Global Challenge: The Experience of Middle Power South Korea’, in. Middle Powers: Passive or Active Stakeholders? , Louvain: Universté Catholique de Louvain.

 Talks, seminars and workshops


Data for Peace and Security 

  • Opportunities and shortcomings in conflict and reconciliation monitoring: the case of the 2nd Nagorno-Karabakh war
NYU Centre on International Cooperation


Digital methods workshop

  • Training UNDP personnel in digital methods 
UNDP Georgia


Understanding Hate Speech Challenges in the South Caucasus: Normative and Empirical aspects

  • Detecting extreme speech in more-to-less moderated platforms
UNDP Georgia

Leveraging Technology for Peace in an Increasingly Digital World

  • Digital methods and so ft ware design for conflict mediation
Antalya Diplomacy Forum

COVID and the media

  • Consensus and misinformation in the process of COVID-19 sensemaking
Amsterdam Data Science

Where did they all go? The deep vernacular web a ft er the 2019 ‘summer of deplatforming’

The Hmm Framer Framed
2019 War on Knowledge: Beyond the Evidence Brighton Digital Festival

IC2S2 Datathon on YouTube Extreme Speech

  • From the Vernacular to the Conceptual: On the Intellectualisation of Hate Speech Vernacular in YouTube Transcripts and Comments

5th International Conference on Computational Social Science


Transgressive Language and Taboo Knowledge in the Reactionary Subcultures of the Deep Vernacular Web

European Media Art Festival

2019 Partisan Epistemics in the Encyclopaedia of Alternative Facts Impakt Festival
2018 Culturele Zondag evening debate on  the documentary 'Trollen, Trump en Thierry' (de Jong, 2018) Tegenlicht Meet Up


Technology and Diplomacy: Looking to the Future

  • Algorithmic diplomacy: programming mediation techniques in YouTube’s recommender system
University of Oxford

Academic publications

de Keulenaar, E. et al. (Forthcoming) ‘Authority and misinformation in the process of COVID sensemaking’, in Rogers, R. and Niederer, S. (eds) Mainstreaming the Fringe. Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press.

de Keulenaar, E., Burton, A. and Kisjes, I. (2021) ‘Deplatforming, demotion and folk theories of Big Tech persecution’, Fronteiras: estudos midiaticos [Preprint], (Special issue on pandemic misinformation and disinformation).

de Keulenaar, E. et al. (2021) ‘A free market in extreme speech: Scientific racism and bloodsports on YouTube1’, Digital Scholarship in the Humanities, p. fqab076. Available at:

de Keulenaar, E. V. et al. (2019) ‘ On Altpedias: partisan epistemics in the encyclopaedias of alternative facts ’, Artnodes, (24), pp. 83–90. doi: 10.7238/a.v0i24.3300.

de Keulenaar, E. V. (2019) ‘ Critical Digital Diplomacy and How Theory Can Inform Practice ’, in New Realities in Foreign A ff airs: Diplomacy in the 21st Century. Baden-Baden, Germany: Andrássy Universität Budapest (Andrássy Studien zur Europaforschung, 23), pp. 63–70.

Melissen, J. and Keulenaar, E. V. de (2017) ‘ Critical Digital Diplomacy as a Global Challenge: The South Korean Experience ’, Global Policy, 8(3), pp. 294–302. doi: 10.1111/1758-5899.12425.

Selected non-academic publications

de Keulenaar, E. and Smith, R. (2021) ‘Cross-platform construction of a conspiracy theory: URL analysis’, First Draft - Digital Investigations Recipe Series, 7 April. Available at: https:// fi rstdra ft form-article/cross-platform-conspiracy-theory-construction/ (Accessed: 31 May 2021).

de Keulenaar, E. (2021) ‘Tracking misinformation across platforms on 4chan, 8kun and Reddit’, First Dra ft - Digital Investigations Recipe Series, 31 March. Available at: https:// fi rstdra ft form-article/tracking-cross-platform-spread/ (Accessed: 31 May 2021).

de Keulenaar, E. and Smith, R. (2021) ‘Misinformation networks on YouTube: recommended videos’, First Draft - Digital Investigations Recipe Series, 24 March. Available at: https:// fi rstdra ft form-article/misinformation-youtube-recommended-videos/ (Accessed: 31 May 2021).

de Keulenaar, E. and Smith, R. (2021) ‘Tracking YouTube videos across the web’, First Dra ft - Digital Investigations Recipe Series , 17 March. Available at: https:// fi rstdra ft tracking-youtube-videos/ (Accessed: 31 May 2021).

de Keulenaar, E. V. (2019) ‘A dialogue-driven approach to address the partisan dynamics of online misinformation’, Security and Human Rights Monitor, 17 November. Available at: https:// (Accessed: 18 November 2019).

Tuters, M. et al. (2019) ‘4chan’s YouTube: A Fringe Perspective on YouTube’s Great Purge of 2019’. Available at: (Accessed: 23 June 2019).

de Keulenaar, E. V. (2018) ‘Freedom and Taboos in the International Ghettos of the Web’, OILab, April. Available at: (Accessed: 6 May 2018).

de Keulenaar, E. V. (2018) ‘The Rise and Fall of Kekistan: A Story of Idiomatic Animus as Told Through Youtube’s Related Videos’, OILab, April. Available at: of-idiomatic-animus-as-told-through-the-youtube-recommender-system/ (Accessed: 6 May 2018).

Previous education

Research Masters in New Media and Digital Culture from the University of Amsterdam

MA in History of Political Thought and Intellectual History from University College London and Queen Mary, University of London

BA (Hons) in Liberal Arts and Sciences: Global Challenges from Leiden University College (Magna Cum Laude)

  • Minor: History of Latin-American Political Thought, from the University of São Paulo
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