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TIM29 is required for enhanced stem cell activity during regeneration in the flatworm Macrostomum lignano

Multispecies RNA tomography reveals regulators of hematopoietic stem cell birth in the embryonic aorta

The free-living flatworm Macrostomum lignano

Electrical stimulation shifts healing/scarring towards regeneration in a rat limb amputation model

Influence of temperature on development, reproduction and regeneration in the flatworm model organism, Macrostomum lignano

Large expert-curated database for benchmarking document similarity detection in biomedical literature search

Sex allocation plasticity on a transcriptome scale: socially-sensitive gene expression in a simultaneous hermaphrodite

A novel flatworm-specific gene implicated in reproduction in Macrostomum lignano

Modeling Human Cardiac Hypertrophy in Stem Cell-Derived Cardiomyocytes

Organ specific gene expression in the regenerating tail of Macrostomum lignano

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