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A Review on the Value of Imaging in Differentiating between Large Vessel Vasculitis and Atherosclerosis

Aortic Involvement in Giant Cell Arteritis

Arthritis autoantibodies in individuals without rheumatoid arthritis: follow-up data from a Dutch population-based cohort (Lifelines)

Clinical pathways for patients with giant cell arteritis during the COVID-19 pandemic: an international perspective

Effect of Anti-Rheumatic Treatment on the Periodontal Condition of Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients

Realising early recognition of arthritis in times of increased telemedicine: the value of patient-reported swollen joints

ANCA-associated vasculitis

Associations between clinical features and therapy with macrophage subpopulations and T cells in inflammatory lesions in the aorta from patients with Takayasu arteritis

British Society for Rheumatology guideline on diagnosis and treatment of giant cell arteritis: executive summary

British Society for Rheumatology guideline on diagnosis and treatment of giant cell arteritis

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Het ontstekingsproces in Reuscel arteritis: een analyse op individueel celniveau

In gesprek met dr. Liesbeth Brouwer reumatoloog/internist van het UMCG over vasculitis.

Landelijke dag Vasculitis Stichting 16 Maart 2019

Alleen paardenmiddel helpt tegen spierreuma

Member of assessment committee Thesis Berit Dalsgaard Nielsen Aarhus

Grote Vaten Vasculitis

Giant-cell arteritis lastig te diagnosticeren

Kennis delen en zorg verbeteren met zorgpad Grote Vaten Vasculitis

Grote Vaten Vasculitis op zaterdag 1 oktober 2016 te Ede

Europese subsidie voor vasculitisonderzoek Groningen

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