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Dagboekmetingen als hulpmiddel in de psychiatrische zorg: beloften, valkuilen en mogelijkheden

Feasibility, usability and clinical value of intensive longitudinal diary assessments in older persons with cognitive impairment and depressive symptoms

Predicting recurrence of depression using cardiac complexity in individuals tapering antidepressants

Recurrence of depression can be foreseen by monitoring mental states with statistical process control

Risk Ahead: Actigraphy-Based Early-Warning Signals of Increases in Depressive Symptoms During Antidepressant Discontinuation

Transitions in depression: if, how, and when depressive symptoms return during and after discontinuing antidepressants

Anticipating manic and depressive transitions in patients with bipolar disorder using early warning signals

A Web-Based Application for Personalized Ecological Momentary Assessment in Psychiatric Care: User-Centered Development of the PETRA Application

Critical slowing down in momentary affect as early warning signal of impending transitions in depression

Daily dynamics of negative affect: indicators of rate of response to treatment and remission from depression?

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This diary study just happened to be taking place when disaster struck, providing a rare insight into vicarious experience of traumatic events

What we learned in 2018: The individual patient get's more attention

Neurotics Get an Extra Benefit From Being Extra Nice