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Quasinormal modes of scalar fields on small Reissner-Nordström- AdS5 black holes

Remarks on holographic models of the Kerr-AdS5 geometry

Conserved vector current in QCD-like theories and the gradient flow

Vector perturbations of Kerr-AdS5 and the Painlevé VI transcendent

Scalar quasinormal modes of Kerr-AdS(5)

The scalar glueball operator, the a-theorem, and the onset of conformality

On the Kerr-AdS/CFTcorrespondence

Topology, the meson spectrum and the scalar glueball: Three probes of conformality and the way it is lost

Chiral symmetry restoration in QCD with many flavours

Conformal or confining

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Teletijdmachine blijft nog science fiction

De snelheid van het licht

Contribution to the University of Groningen Jaarbeeld/Annual Review 2011

The phases of gauge theories with many flavours

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