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Musical Emotion Categorization with Vocoders of Varying Temporal and Spectral Content

Relationship between irregularities in spontaneous otoacoustic emissions suppression and psychophysical tuning curves

Vocal and semantic cues for the segregation of long concurrent speech stimuli in diotic and dichotic listening-The Long-SWoRD test

Behavioral Account of Attended Stream Enhances Neural Tracking

Effect of Channel Interaction on Vocal Cue Perception in Cochlear Implant Users

Effect of Spectral Contrast Enhancement on Speech-on-Speech Intelligibility and Voice Cue Sensitivity in Cochlear Implant Users

Perception of a Humanoid Robot as an Interface for Auditory Testing

School-age children benefit from voice gender cue differences for the perception of speech in competing speech

The effects of lexical content, acoustic and linguistic variability, and vocoding on voice cue perception

Development of discrimination and categorization of voice gender cues in school-age children

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The keen hearing of young musicians

VICI Grant: Voice perception with a robot

Scientific American Podcast - Bring a Musician to Untangle Cocktail Party Din