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A Concept Formula With Large, Milk Phospholipid-Coated Lipid Droplets Enriched With Milk Fat Decreases Palmitic Acid and Calcium Levels in Stools of Healthy, Term Infants

An Infant Formula with Large, Milk Phospholipid-Coated Lipid Droplets Supports Adequate Growth and Is Well-Tolerated in Healthy, Term Asian Infants: A Randomized, Controlled Double-Blind Clinical Trial

A systematic review of breast milk microbiota composition and the evidence for transfer to and colonisation of the infant gut

Complementary Feeding Practices among Young Children in China, India, and Indonesia: A Narrative Review

Diabetes During Pregnancy: Neonatal and Childhood Complications

Dietary lipid droplet structure in postnatal life improves hepatic energy and lipid metabolism in a mouse model for postnatal programming

Early life exposure to a diet with a supramolecular lipid structure close to that of mammalian milk improves early life growth, skeletal development, and later life neurocognitive function in individually and socially housed male C57BL/6J mice

Early pregnancy body mass index and gestational weight gain: A mediating or moderating factor for short stature and risk of gestational diabetes mellitus?

Early pregnancy hemoglobin is associated with the risk of gestational diabetes mellitus: a retrospective cohort study

Exposome and foetoplacental vascular dysfunction in gestational diabetes mellitus

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Voeding bij zwangerschaps diabetes

De PROMIS studie

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