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How to find us prof. dr. E.M. (Linda) Steg

Research interests

My main research interests focus on understanding environmental behaviour, in particular household energy use and car use. I am especially interested in understanding which individual and situational factors affect intrinsic motivation to act pro-environmentally. Also, I study which factors affect the  effectiveness and acceptability of environmental policy and technology. I am involved in various interdisciplinary research projects that aim to understand how to realise a sustainable energy transition. Among other activities, I am past-president of the Environmental Division of the International Association of Applied Psychology, member of the Advisory Group on Energy for Horizon 2020, member of the Board of Directors of the University of Twente, member of the scientific board of the Groningen Energy and Sustainability Program, and associated member of the Dutch Council for the Environment and Infrastructure. Also, I coordinate the European PERSON platform (see that aims to unite and advise socio-economic research on the human dimensions of sustainable energy transtiions aimed to promote a secure, clean and efficient energy system.


I Am versus We Are: How Biospheric Values and Environmental Identity of Individuals and Groups Can Influence Pro-environmental Behaviour

Is an Appeal Enough? The Limited Impact of Financial, Environmental, and Communal Appeals in Promoting Involvement in Community Environmental Initiatives

Why Dutch officials take bribes: A toxic mix of factors

A decision tree method for explaining household gas consumption: The role of building characteristics, socio-demographic variables, psychological factors and household behaviour

Convince Yourself to Do the Right Thing: The Effects of Provided Versus Self-Generated Arguments on Rule Compliance and Perceived Importance of Socially Desirable Behavior

De waarden achter klimaatgedrag: Hoe persoonlijke waarden en waargenomen groepswaarden klimaatgedrag motiveren en versterken

Effects of competence- and integrity-based trust on public acceptability of renewable energy projects in China and the Netherlands

Engaging city residents in climate action: Addressing the personal and group value-base behind residents' climate actions

Exploring relationships between climate change beliefs and energy preferences: A network analysis of the European Social Survey

Insights from early COVID-19 responses about promoting sustainable action

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Mensen zijn intrinsiek gemotiveerd om bij te dragen aan een beter milieu.

Wetenschap Vandaag.

Participation in joint energy initiatives: Financial motives are overestimated

Sustainable energy systems

Spinoza winnaar Nynke Dekker: we hebben de biologie dynamiek gegeven.

Spinozapremiewinnaar Nynke Dekker ziet op moleculair niveau hoe een virusremmer een virus stopt.

Een Spinoza en een Stevin

What motivates consumers to act sustainably?

Gaan we anders leven door warmer weer?

Het kabinet heeft het gebrek aan draagvlak voor beleid aan zichzelf te wijten

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