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A guide to the organ-on-a-chip

Differentiation and on axon-guidance chip culture of human pluripotent stem cell-derived peripheral cholinergic neurons for airway neurobiology studies

Mouse precision-cut liver slices as an ex vivo model to study drug-induced cholestasis

A versatile, compartmentalised gut-on-a-chip system for pharmacological and toxicological analyses

Enhanced passive mixing for paper microfluidics

Leveraging 3D printing to enhance mass spectrometry: A review

Stereolithographic fabrication and characterization of immobilized enzyme reactors for in vitro digestions

Visualization of Bacterial Colonization and Cellular Layers in a Gut-on-a-Chip System Using Optical Coherence Tomography

3D-Printed, plug-and-play platform for development of analytical assays

A highly stable, pressure-driven flow control system for organs-on-chips based on Coriolis mass flow sensors

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UV can introduce oxidation artefacts during protein purity tests

Sabeth Verpoorte, gefascineerd door interdiciplinariteit. Organ-on-a-chip sinds 2006