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Comparing amylose production in two solar-powered sea slugs: the sister taxa Elysia timida and E. cornigera (Heterobranchia: Sacoglossa)

How does temperature affect functional kleptoplasty? Comparing populations of the solar-powered sister-species Elysia timida Risso, 1818 and Elysia cornigera Nuttall, 1989 (Gastropoda: Sacoglossa)

Photoprotective non-photochemical quenching does not prevent kleptoplasts from net photoinactivation

Chloroplast digestion and the development of functional kleptoplasty in juvenile Elysia timida (leRisso, 1818) as compared to short-term and non-chloroplast-retaining sacoglossan slugs

Examining the retention of functional kleptoplasts and digestive activity in sacoglossan sea slugs

Photosynthate accumulation in solar-powered sea slugs - starving slugs survive due to accumulated starch reserves

Why it is time to look beyond algal genes in photosynthetic slugs

The Cylindrobulla / Ascobulla complex - Unraveling problems in identification and adding to Cylindrobulla diversity (Gastropoda, Heterobranchia, Sacoglossa) by describing a new species

Behavioral interactions between Tritaeta gibbosa (crustacea, amphipoda) and Ocnus planci (echinodermata, holothuroidea)

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These slugs cut off their own heads when they want a new body