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Practical matters How to find us E.M. (Eline) Heikamp, MSc

E.M. (Eline) Heikamp, MSc

PhD student

PhD-project: the impact of volunteer initiatives for informal language learning on the integration of migrant newcomers.

Description: Learning the language of a new country of residence and social contact with host society members are two key aspects for the integration of migrant newcomers. These two aspects of integration (language learning and intergroup contact) come together in informal language learning initiatives, such as language cafés or buddy programs, where newcomers and Dutch volunteers engage with each other. In this project, we will investigate what the impact is of participating in these initiatives on newcomers' language ability and psychological integration in the host society (e.g. well-being, sense of belonging). More specifically,  we will zoom in on the relationship that develops between volunteers and newcomers. To that end, we will collaborate closely with leading societal actors in the field (e.g. stichting Het Begint met Taal, Kwartiermakers Groningen).

Project: Integration despite Isolation. Social Connections and Belonging of Newcomers in times of COVID-19.

Social Connections and Belonging of Newcomers in the Netherlands [Master Thesis].
Click here for a short video about my master thesis.

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