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About us Practical matters How to find us dr. E.J. (Eize) Stamhuis

Research interests

Assoc. Prof of Experimental Marine Zoology (Groningen)

Prof. of Biological Fluid Mechanics & Locomotion (UAS Bremen, Ger)

Functional Morphology, Fish swimming, Filter feeding, Bird flight, Unsteady aerodynamics, applied fluid dynamic research, Biomimetics


Also employed by the University of Applied Sciences of Bremen (Germany), position = Professor of Biological Fluid Mechanics and Locomotion


Biomimetic Design of Turbine Blades for Ocean Current Power Generation

Biomimetic Design of Turbine Blades for Ocean Current Power Generation

Bio-Model Selection, Processing and Results for Bio-Inspired Truck Streamlining

Experimental evaluation of a biomimetic manta-ray filter for solid-liquid separation

Form and function in boxfishes (Ostraciidae and Aracanidae): A body-drag perspective

Variation in body drag among boxfish families

Vortex induced vibrations of marine risers: validating turbulence models - EWTEC 2023

Design optimization and wind tunnel investigation of a flapping system based on the flapping wing trajectories of a beetle's hindwings

Does genetic differentiation underlie behavioral divergence in response to migration barriers in sticklebacks?: A common garden experiment

Modulation of yaw by the caudal fin in the yellow boxfish (Ostracion cubicus)

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Albatrozz, meer energie bij minder wind

Groningse Albatrozz genomineerd voor de Rabobank Duurzame Innovatieprijs

De windturbine kan wat leren van de albatros

Box-Shaped Fish

Box-Shaped Fish

Over het koffervisonderzoek bij 5 Uur Live

How the World's Squarest Fish Gets Around. The yellow boxfish is much more agile than it looks

News item on UG website "European Patent further accelerates wind energy research at the UG"

News item on Bionieuws website: "Minuscule haakjes plakken vogelveren aan elkaar - Klittenband houdt vleugel in vorm"

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