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How to find us dr. E.J. (Eize J.) Stamhuis

Research interests

Assoc. Prof of Experimental Marine Zoology (Groningen)

Prof. of Biological Fluid Mechanics & Locomotion (UAS Bremen, Ger)

Functional Morphology, Fish swimming, Filter feeding, Bird flight, Unsteady aerodynamics, applied fluid dynamic research, Biomimetics


Also employed by the University of Applied Sciences of Bremen (Germany), position = Professor of Biological Fluid Mechanics and Locomotion


Modulation of yaw by the caudal fin in the yellow boxfish (Ostracion cubicus)

Modulating yaw with an unstable rigid body and a course-stabilizing or steering caudal fin in the yellow boxfish (Ostracion cubicus)

Coasting in live-bearing fish: The drag penalty of being pregnant

Filter-foraging strategies of captive American paddlefish (Polyodon spathula) in relation to food type, density and distribution in the water column

The effects of wing twist in slow-speed flapping flight of birds: Trading brute force against efficiency

Biomimetic Wind Turbine Design with Lift Enhancing Periodic Stall

Hydrolysis of enamines

Fish-like undulation of a NACA 0012 profile – a numerical study

How Albatrosses and Fulmars prevent a Crash Landing

Boxfish swimming paradox resolved: forces by the flow of water around the body promote manoeuvrability

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De windturbine kan wat leren van de albatros

Box-Shaped Fish

Over het koffervisonderzoek bij 5 Uur Live

How the World's Squarest Fish Gets Around. The yellow boxfish is much more agile than it looks

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