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Origin of the ESR spectrum in the Prussian blue analog RbMn[Fe(CN)(6)]center dot H2O

Electron transfer properties in the Prussian Blue analogues RbxMn[Fe(CN)6]y·zH2O

Interplay between the Charge Transport Phenomena and the Charge-Transfer Phase Transition in RbxMn[Fe(CN)(6)](y)center dot zH(2)O

Valence-Tautomeric RbMnFe Prussian Blue Analogues: Composition and Time Stability Investigation

Bulk and surface switching in Mn-Fe-based Prussian blue analogues

Light- and Temperature-Induced Electron Transfer in Single Crystals of RbMn[Fe(CN)6]·H2O

Prediction of the equilibrium structures and photomagnetic properties of the Prussian blue analogue RbMn[Fe(CN)(6)] by density functional theory

Crystal structure and magnetic behaviour of a five-coordinate iron(III) complex of pyridoxal-4-methylthiosemicarbazone

The Influence of Defects on the Electron-Transfer and Magnetic Properties of RbxMn[Fe(CN)6]y·zH2O

De Chemische Binding : 35 jaar en nog meer gebonden

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