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Constraints on the Faint End of the Galaxy Stellar Mass Function at z ≃ 4-8 from Deep JWST Data

CEERS Key Paper. VI. JWST/MIRI Uncovers a Large Population of Obscured AGN at High Redshifts

CEERS MIRI Imaging: Data Reduction and Quality Assessment

JWST Insight into a Lensed HST-dark Galaxy and Its Quiescent Companion at z = 2.58

JWST unveils heavily obscured (active and passive) sources up to z ∼13

Life beyond 30: Probing the −20 < M UV < −17 Luminosity Function at 8 < z < 13 with the NIRCam Parallel Field of the MIRI Deep Survey

MIDIS: Strong (Hβ+[O iii]) and Hα Emitters at Redshift z ≃ 7-8 Unveiled with JWST NIRCam and MIRI Imaging in the Hubble eXtreme Deep Field

Scrutiny of a very young, metal-poor star-forming Lyα emitter at z  ≈ 3.7

Uncovering the stellar structure of the dusty star-forming galaxy GN20 at z?=?4.055 with MIRI/JWST

A First Look into the Nature of JWST/MIRI 7.7 μm Sources from SMACS 0723

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