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Live bedside music in daily clinical practice of a surgical hospital ward among older patients: A controlled study design of an innovative practice

Health care professionals' motivation, their behaviors, and the quality of hospital care: A mixed-methods systematic review

Minimal important change in physical function in trauma patients: a study using the short musculoskeletal function assessment

Patient-reported physical functioning and quality of life after pelvic ring injury: A systematic review of the literature

Reducing the negative appendectomy rate with the laparoscopic appendicitis score; a multicenter prospective cohort and validation study

The Surgical Hazardous Attitudes Reflection Profile (SHARP) Instrument - A Prototype Study

Long-term physical functioning and quality of life after pelvic ring injuries

Older polytrauma: Mortality and complications

Pelvic ring injury in the elderly: Fragile patients with substantial mortality rates and long-term physical impairment

Perioperative Intestinal Integrity Compromise and its Association with Postoperative Complications in Older Cancer Patients

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